Motivation Mondays: Part one

Good morning friendsπŸŒžβ€¦.. let’s choose Mondays to motivate someone… you never know who you might help ☝🏾.

Motivational Monday:

If you ever feel like your overwhelmed, just know that it’s multiple ways to fix those feelings.

Sometimes we just don’t want to figure it out because we feel like sitting in a dark room, or hiding from the world may help us feel relieved. But how about you open up your mind some. It’s okay to find things that may can accommodate your feelings. Don’t fear of the outcome just go for it.

When I tell you that I have had the worse luck ever, from losing everything, from being diagnosed with a few things, and just at my lowest. It’s times that I just want to break down and just cry, but I can’t stress myself enough. I can’t continue to bring myself down for things that aren’t in my control. So I find ways to cope with these things. I try to find ways to keep me at ease, or to keep my mind from worrying less. 

All & all, you got this. You have the power & strength to get through anything! Take of your body, mind, & soul. Put yourself first, and make sure you do what makes you feel complete!

XoXo Seqouia + The Fobem ✨