Finally inspired myself to get up and do it

Happy Blog-tober everyone :)! I hope you all are having a wonderful day/night. I have something to share with you all!!

So starting in the beginning of last week, I decided to start my journey on fitness & health. If you read my post in the past, you can see that I would bring up how my weight gained turned me into being insecure and not having self love. And I know it’s common that a lot of people may go through this, so I know I am not alone. For me, it has definitely felt like an embarrassment because I have always been much smaller and to see how I let myself go and continually gaining was very depressing.

At times I would be consistent on hitting the treadmill and doing daily walks, and then i’ll go back to being uninspired which is an absolute bummer :(. But then I started working on things to help me with self-love, and finding happiness within myself first. Because I realized no matter if I lose weight or keep gaining weight, that’s not going to fully help me love the skin that I am in. In order to love myself, I have to love everything about myself and who I am inside and out.

When I finally mastered the process of loving myself, I began doing things I always desired to do. Finding who I am, and what are my goals I want to achieve in life. I had to realize that I can’t depend on people to inspire me, or support me. This is my life and my choices, so it takes for you to push yourself to the next steps into a much positive lifestyle.

So, to get to the most important point of this blog. I wanted to share with you all that I started back martial arts. I haven’t done this in the past 7 years, and now that I am 30 I can truly say it feels so much different compared to doing the simple work outs. But, besides that I feel good, I feel confident, I feel happy, I feel determined. Also, I am doing meal 7 day preps. Daily Veggie jars, Fruit jars, Spinach jars, and a meal. If interested you can follow her on instagram for details if you are in California her Instagram: @tillyscuisine.

My current weight is 222 height 5’7, and my goal is to lose 32 pounds and tone up.

I am determined and I made a promise to myself I will stay consistent. My energy will continue to be at an all high, and so will my vibrations.

I will keep you all updated with my fitness journey :).

XoXo Seqouia B