“Will I be single forever?” And other chit chat about relationships

First off, if you always ask your self this question, just know you aren’t alone. I spent a lot of time out my days/weeks wondering will I ever get back in a relationship. I’m sure you’ve been on countless dates and still feel no connection with the person you meet. At least I know I have 😒. It sucks because a connection is important, especially on the first date. Chemistry ⚛️ speaks for it self.

Of course it’s always your coupled up friends that say things like “your time is coming soon” “It will happen unexpectedly!” And I just want to pinch them. I know eventually it will happen but I’m just like when? I miss the concept of dating someone. Taking to much covers from one another when in bed, picking the movie to watch for the night, long night conversations, holding hands walking through the park. I always focus on the nice things about it.

I’m 29, and my goal was to be settled with someone by time I’m 30. By now I pretty much given up finding a partner and really just got the hang of enjoying the shape of my life just being too myself. So yes I do want to date, but now I’m just being patient and preparing myself.

So, In the meantime, focus on what matters the most >> you. Go on dates, find out what it is you want and need from a partner. See who you connect with the most. Date with no expectations! Make it fun and amusing. Also, explore different ways to know yourself more so you can figure out “how would you be in a relationship” with certain people

Overall I wish you the best of luck if your ready to find a significant other or just someone you can connect with very soon or when the time is right. I wish you nothing but love! Sending out spiritual healings 🧘‍♀️✨☪️!