How to deal with failure

1. Handle Failure with an positive Attitude

Failures is common. We need them on our journey. We need life learned lessons so we can look back in see what we are making mistakes at. When you fail it actually teaches you to be a better “you”. When you hear bad feedback that was unexpected please understand that nothing is expected.

Use your failures as a stepping stone, it’s times that I have made mistakes and failed, and I still do. It can be hard. It can be challenging. You can also start to have no doubt in succeeding. But, don’t let that happen. All this is a part of growth. Keep trying no matter how many times you have to. This is what I want you to learn from this blog, keep pushing toward greatness and don’t give UP.

2. Understand you are not an perfectionist

I know we all hear the saying “no one is perfect”. Well it’s true. No one isn’t perfect. Sometimes we have to understand that everything isn’t in our control all the time. Don’t punish yourself, we tend to do that a lot. Punishing yourself will definitely start making you insecure or self conscious about everything. Just know that before you get to perfect, you have plenty of other fails to run into.

3. Finding Out Your Growth

Different day, different opportunities. You are at a point of your life to keep learning, building, and succeeding at growth. You have a choice to go back to your old ways, or continue growing into your new ways. Once one door open, remember the next door will. Every time good informative news comes up, mark it down. When you mark down a list of growth you have achieved so far it gives you the courage that you are growing. Keep in mind and remind yourself that your past, mistakes, fails, and so much more is not you any more. You have a big opportunity that is waiting on you, understand it.

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