Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi everybody. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful, hard-working, loving, and independent mommies. Today is our day, we are strong, we are wise, we are the queen of our homes. Mommies work so hard to provide for their children, from long nights and early-morning’s, It’s not easy. We as mothers make our children our number one priority. Sometimes as mothers we don’t get the recognition we should get, but as long as we know we are the best of the best that’s all that matters.

I have been a Mommy for five years now and it has been a tough journey. A couple years back I didn’t really celebrate Mother’s Day, of course I’ve celebrated for my mom, but precisely not for myself. It didn’t hit me on how hard working of a mother that I was back then. Now that my daughter is five I sit back and I realize damn I did that. I’ve been through everything and I still remain blessed, present, and strong. Sometimes mothers work so hard and no matter what they go through they know for sure they are great parents and great role models.

Happy Mother’s Day, hope You beautiful Boss mommy’s have a terrific boss day 😉

S e q o u i a 💋