Facial wash time with Seqouia πŸ˜ŒπŸŒ»

So twice a week I use my facial scrub wash, I have posted a blog about all the facial products I use and this is one of them. It helps keep your skin tone even and I love it. It has tea tree oil and Tamarind Extract. I highly recommend all my lovely black sisters to use this facial wash. It keeps your skin oily, clear and balance blemished. You can also find this product at Target, Bath and beyond, Walmart, Cvs, and Walgreens.

Try not to use it daily because it might dry your skin out from over using it. This product is strong and works, I am a 100% sure. Twice a week at the most.

I love having a nice clear face, especially because I already have skin problems in my face area. Since I been taking better care of my face, far as keeping it from breaking out I have been way more confident within myself 😊. Love being beautiful and love feeling it as well!