“What’s on my mind Thursday’s?”

This year I plan on taking my daughter to more fun places. Sometimes as a parent you can do so much that you aren’t able to do everything you promised 😒 lol. My daughter is fresh 5 so sometimes she still throw fits when I tell her I’m going to take her somewhere and not able to, but, this year it will be done ✅.

List of places on my checklist:

*Disney Land

*Universal Studios


I literally been saving up for these trips, and we are actually going in that order 😒, give me a break! I guess a parent got to douzjupp what a parent got to do. What I love about my daughter even though she throws small fits at first, she always ends up being understanding, and that’s the good part. One thing I don’t do is let her run over me, but as a parent you have to understand all kids will act up if they don’t get there way even if they have to go to there room in cry or be sad to there selves.