Public Daily Diary: Day1

Dear Diary, All I want is to succeed in my goals. I don’t want to fall in the popular crowd or try to be something I am not. All I want is happiness and really good money. I mean who wouldn’t want that?. Life is very challenging and sometimes hard to proceed without the thought of giving up. I tell myself everyday keep fighting, like not physically fighting lol, like striving and pushing myself to be the next best at what I love and truly enjoy doing. For now on, I just typically write 3 bubbles, in each of them bubbles, I write three goals I would like to achieve by a certain time. I give myself two years to at least achieve one goal, I mean if I achieve all three of course I will be the happiest WOMAN alive. Well okay Diary, that’s all I have to talk about today, hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some more thoughts in my head I feel I need to write down.