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The main purpose of Fobem, is to uplift, motivate, support, and help heal all those beautiful souls out there.

The cause is to win, live, & love yourself in every aspect…..

So… it’s time to take action in life and make your manifestations come to light. No bad energy, no negative thoughts are allowed 💛.

My goal is to help organize your thoughts into new ones, relax your mind, and overcome what’s needed so you can stop stressing about the future and make things happen.


First, I know how stressful & revengeful life can be. I’ve been an over-thinker my entire life, self cautious, & mentally disconnected from others. I spent years of my life unhappy, disempowered & lost. Some issues due to colorist issues from child hood, insecurities, & from being a victim of crime. So now I like to help others feel free and to open up there minds to new things in life. I spent many years of my life holding myself back from doing simply what I wanted to do instead of doing what I supposed to do. 

Of course I eventually decided to stop holding myself back. I figured out ways to maintain my mental well-being, let my brain relax, and quit letting unwanted energy interfere my goals.

Since starting this blog in 2018, I’ve continued to still work and even start my own beauty business June 2019. Now 2021 I am still blogging and actually getting a lot of good feedback, still running my business, returning to work & traveling much more. My goal is still to blog & run a business full time and not return to work eventually, but unfortunately I have to still work until I finally achieve that.

As me being someone who has been where you are, I can truly say your stronger & have so much power over yourself than you can even imagine.

That’s the main reason why everything I share on Fobem has been created to help you with peace & healing in your everyday life. Me helping you, also helps me.

I like to think of this space as a virtual healing getaway retreat, where you can go to relax, unwind, and reset the mind-body-soul.

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